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Our Psychiatry services.

  • Acute psychiatry stabilization
  • Out Patient Services
  • Tele-psychiatry service
  • Mental Health Project Consultation
  • Mental Health Fitness Assessment
  • Community Services
  1. Acute psychiatry stabilization

  2. We provide Acute psychiatry stabilization services like

    • Emergency psychiatry admission for physically violent patients due to mental health condition which have self harm and suicidal behaviors;
    • Treatment for substance/drug use disorder including detoxification and rehabilitation service like khat, Marijuana, cigarette and prescription drug by using replacement therapies; and
    • Acute medical stabilization for various mental illnesses.
  3. Out Patient Services

  4. We provide outpatient services like

    • General Adult psychiatry for common mental disorders like anxiety, Depression and sleep disorders;
    • Treatments for other sever mental disorders like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder;
    • Addiction Psychiatry for various alcohol and substance use disorders; and
    • Group and individual psychotherapy.
  5. Tele-Psychiatry Services

    We provide Tele-Psychiatry Services using available social media channels such as skype, whatsapp, telegram, etc.

  6. Mental Health Project Consultation

  7. We provide mental health project consultation such as

    • Developing various mental health programs;
    • Planning, monitoring and evaluating mental health Programs and trainings;
    • Curriculum development for mental health education and training
    • Training, coaching and mentoring on stress management; Communication skills, problem solving skills; and prevention and management of burn out.
  8. Mental Health Fitness Assessment

  9. We provide detailed psychiatry assessment for various needs such as

    • Mental health fitness assessment to travel (for airlines companies);
    • Mental health fitness assessment for organization and Embassies;
    • Various psychiatric assessment for educational needs of children and adolescents.
  10. Community Services

  11. We have government partnership with the woreda to provide free service for the patients that can’t afford and to engage in different trainings and capacity building for employees working in the woreda.